Tuesday, August 3, 2010

an outfit that wants to change the world//

This blog aims to further develop a combination of creativity and self-reliance, whilst introducing an awareness of differing approaches to design practice and issues surrounding sustainability & fashion. This semester requires me to research issues of sustainability relating to the fashion design process and through this research and develop an informed personal philosophy of sustainable design. Utilising this research we are then required to produce a body of work that explores a more sustainable design model of fashion practice. Only after we were introduced to the project brief, was i made aware that i am not at all an ethical consumer. Having always associated this trend of sustainability with hippy/tie dye//thick grainy cotton/un-innovative/simplistic designs - the thought of a product, created and produced with consideration to the environmental and social impact throughout a garments life-span, made me think; why haven't i been researching this? aware of this? passionate about this? xxxx

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  1. Ive just read through all the blog entries on your outfit making proccess. *Totally speechless* such a wonderful project, and it turned out so, so amazing. Really interesting to read as well, becuase for my textiles coursework this year I have to consider the environmental/ethical impact that fashion has. Thankyou for posting this on the internet!!

    Emilie xoxoxx