Friday, August 27, 2010

final design//

Final moodboard//

design process//

This is my design process. I found it challenging to design at the start because the design process in which i am used to was turned up side down. So eventually i decided to pin it straight onto the mannequin, and then step back and observe. This process, i found, was easier for me to visualize a final garment. I used a basic bra cup pattern and manipulated my swimsuit pattern by deleting and adding design features. For the lower half of the dress, i used a beige shirt dress and draped the upper half (including sleeves) over the lower half of the mannequin then twisted the sleeves into place (creating sculpted form). Overall i'm pleased with the process and the colour scheme. I believe this up-cycled garment relates and reflects my artists concept in the best light.


Monday, August 23, 2010

These garments i received from the Salvation Army. Every single item is pre-loved and waiting for a new home. It's quite overwhelming at this stage, from my point of view, to imagine what the final design/garment will look like. As a student i want my designs/ideas to be fresh, new and innovative. so i won't lie. This task was difficult for me in the beginning because i am so used to having a pen and paper in front of me to sketch everything out before i even consider what material type or colour. In this situation my design process was turned up side down.

As a designer, this project was essential for me to move towards a more sustainable future. I believe this task (creating a sustainable garment) will help me to create a one-off piece made from up-cycled garments that will be valued and in a lighter way, kind to the environment. I want to be involved within the social, cultural and ecological dilemma's of our era. I want this project to shift the way i think and behave on a daily basis, both as a consumer and as a designer. I want to become a resourceful designer, inspired by nature and it's limits, putting human well-being and care for the environment at the heart of the issue.

The Salvation Army//

Excursion to the Salvation Army

Our design class was kindly invited to experience a 'behind the scenes' tour of the Salvation Army. We were privileged enough to be guided through the warehouse (head quarters, Spring Hill) This experience impacted me, unconsciously making myself aware about what needs to be improved in the fashion industry. As an enormous contributor, towards landfill and careless waste the fashion industry produces trend after trend, constantly creating endless cycles, where consumers are encouraged to adopt trends, which essentially change each season. Last weeks, last seasons, last years clothes are now sitting in a warehouse, pre-loved, amongst bags and bags full of endless supplies of clothing, waiting to be sorted. Hoping for a second chance. With companies re-producing replicas of high-end fashion around the clock, at cheaper quality and a cheaper price point, disposable fashion is fast becoming the norm.

The Salvation Army provide a service to help your local community. Giving up their time to help support the homeless, the poverty stricken and the elderly, by supplying shelter, care, clothing and basic household items at reasonable and affordable prices.

To find out more about the Salvation Army: click here